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The company was founded in 1947, in the heart of Europe’s most renowned mountains, the Dolomites. Italy’s best known orchards grow at the foot of this unique landscape. The fruit is of unparalleled quality, and cultivated with passion, dedication and respect for nature. All these factors gave rise to the idea of turning these delectable fruits into delicious and refined liqueurs through a complex manufacturing process. After years of artisanal activity, the family company became a large business enterprise, supplying fruit liqueurs to the most prestigious names in the industry. Given our history, and the strength that it brings, we have selected, designed and created a range of new, fresh, light flavours of superior quality. Using the best of Italian agri-food technology, selecting the best raw materials and working as our experience has taught us, we have been able to create a line of drinks, which, enjoyed on their own or as ingredients in specially created cocktails, will impress you with their unique taste. We always seek ingenuity, creativity, and that “Made in Italy” quality destined for discerning, refined, exclusive clients, who wish to stand for elegance, refinement and a typically Italian spirit.

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